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General Admission

Map of 1st floor

Tang West Market Gallery

Art Space Hall

Exhibition of donations from Mr. Jiang Wenzhan

Exhibition area of the Tang West Market remains

Lecture Hall

VIP Reception

(Exit, Entrance, Lounge, Way to Permanent Exhibition)

Map of 2nd floor

Permanent Exhibition Hall

Administrative offices

(Exit, Entrance, Way to upstairs)

Map of 3rd floor

Multi-media Hall

Thematic Exhibition Hall

Temporary Exhibition Hall

Coin from the Silk Road Exhibition

Collectors’ Club

(Way to the first floor)

Map of 4th floor

Special Exhibition

Exhibition of Coins and Porcelain

Exhibition of Gold, Silver and Jade Wares

Exhibition of Bronze Wares

VIP Reception

Underground floor

Exhibition of Selected Tomb Epitaphs


Winter Time:

09:00 am - 17:30 pm (ticket office closes at 16:00)

Summer Time:

08:30 am - 18:00 pm (ticket office closes at 16:30)

The museum closes on every Monday.


*Concession of half price ticket for all visitors now.

*From 18 May 2015,  vistiters may have free ticket by their effective certificates.

*We hope your visit to the Tang West Market Museum is as enjoyable as possible. For group reservation, please contact us at 029-84351808 or visit us at www.dtxsmuseum.com

*Otherabled visitors enjoy special admission discount.

*Chinese, English and Japanese language museum tours are provided.

*Audio guide in Chinese, English and Japanese is available.


The Tang West Market Museum is located at No. 118 of Laodong Nanlu about 200m distance to the north of Caoyangcun Bus stop or 200m to the south of an electric appliance market. The museum is accessible by the following buses: No.15, 24, 43, 106, 107, 201, 251, 262, 322, 502, 503, 518, 521, 720, 800, 916 and special university lines.