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Ancient Coins from the Silk Road Presented by The Xi’an Tang West Market Museum

Welcome to the Ancient Coins from the Silk Road presented by the Xi’an Tang West Market Museum. Here you will enjoy some precious ancient coins, the emergence of which can be traced to the 2nd millennium BC, during which period the world experienced a number of highly developed civilizations: China in East Asia, Greece and Roma by the Mediterranean Sea, India in the South Asian Sub-Continent and Persia in West Asia. The development of economy and culture in these civilizations led to the circulation of wealth in the form of coins. Here most of the coins on display are discovered along the Silk Road where various businesses were conducted contributing to the prosperity of trade and culture in the world. You will enjoy coins of different dynasties and kingdoms discovered in different areas along the Silk Road which reflect the richness of history and provide with information of what is missed in documentary records. Coins from such ancient dynasties as Greco-Bactrian Kingdom (256BC-145BC), Parthian Empire (247BC-AD226), Ephthalite Empire (ca. mid-5th century-567), Kushan Empire (AD45-360), Sassanid Empire are useful for the study of history and culture of that period. Delicate polished head portraits of the kings on each coin serve as a story-teller of the royals’ history. These coins also bear varied social values. Inscriptions on each coin are a reflection of the historical status of all kings. Decorative patterns on these coins are manifestations of different artistic styles and aesthetic concept. The circulation of coins among ancient dynasties and kingdoms is a symbol of the exchange of culture, affection and national spirit in different periods and regions. Therefore, they also played a positive role in enhancing the mutual understandings and friendship between different nations of different regions.      

Limited by the number in circulation, only a few of those coins are collected 2,000 years after their appearance. These coins, for their artistic and cultural values, have become the most precious ones. Therefore, it is a huge challenge to collect and preserve these coins. After years of arduous work, the Tang West Market Museum, with a considerable investment, managed to bring together a set of coins reflecting the diversity of cultures along the Silk Road. Here you will appreciate coins from ancient Greek and Roma, Afghanistan, Iran and East India Company, spanning a period of thousands of years; you will also enjoy coins collected from all regions around the world, from the Mediterranean Coast to Iranian plateau on the western part of China and Mongolian Plateau on the northern part of China. These coins discovered along the Silk Road serve as a connection of civilizations among ancient dynasties and kingdoms in different periods and regions, demonstrating the brilliant culture and the prosperity of the Silk Road.

We present these precious coins for your appreciation and wish the exhibition acts as an inspiration for people in the future. The past glory demonstrated in these ancient coins will provide as a motivation for people along the Silk Road to strive for a better future and for the prosperity of the New Silk Road Economic Belt.